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Mothers of Everyday Heroes is a group of over 100 women organized to teach their children how to be everyday heroes by serving and strengthening their community. The group was born when Nate’s Mother, Jennifer, learned that there are over 300 teenagers from ages 14 to 18 in the small town of Maricopa, Arizona that are classified as “homeless”. Reaching out to four very motivated friends they worked together to build an entire army of inspired mothers devoted to providing these teens with 300 backpacks filled with life essentials.

Helping teenagers in transition is just the beginning for this group of highly motivated mothers. They are planning many other events and activities to support their mission of building “everyday heroes”. We become everyday heroes by providing meaningful acts of selfless kindness, by looking for and seeing the good in those around us, by helping people when they need it, and by sharing a smile with those we meet along the way. Being an everyday hero is a lifestyle. A decision to make others happy and always be helpful. Everyone can be an everyday hero. Visit the official Mothers of Everyday Heroes website to learn more and become part of the movement to create everyday heroes.